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This is a Free Web Directory where you can add your own listings. The listings are auto approve but will have to meet certain standards to remain active. 

All spam will be removed!

We all understand what spam is. Basically post put up that are used just for link juice and give no value to the reader. 

This is a FREE Directory where you can place your business information up on the internet. There is no charge for this service at this time. You are covered under the FREE service now and forever. 

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Give a good email address so that you can change your listing as needed or add more listings. 

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Links going back to your website are ok to use. These will be do-follow links which means they will possibility help your website in the search engine rank results. I do not require a link back to this website but it wood be nice of you to do so. Link back to your own listing or the homepage of this site. Again, this is not required.

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If you have any questions call Bill 225-413-8928. Please say “I am calling about the United States Directory.” You must do this because of all the spam calls I get. This will let me know you are not a spammer calling.