Hydroseeding A Yard Of New Grass

What Is Hydromulching?

Hydromulching AKA Hydroseeding is an easy, fast and economical process used for planting a new lawn. The machine allows you to spray a dirt yard green in a matter of hours.
The process is more effective and reliable than the convectional seeding and indeed more economical than sodding method. To begin, a mixture of mulch, seed, water and fertilizer is fed into the hydromulching machine. The resulting mixture; slurry is then forced off the tank and sprayed onto the surface. The mixture has water retaining capacity, allowing the surface to keep moist which encourages proper seed growth.

Where does mulch material come from?

Mulch products are produced from re-cycled raw wood or paper. Paper mulch materials are often used as they are easily available and less costly. However, wood mulch materials offer better results and ideal for residential commercial use.

Wood mulch is made with special machinery, giving out fibrous product. Usually, wood fiber mulch is more difficult and tedious to mix and pump than paper mulch product. However, the value of wood mulch is worth the time and energy.

What is the important of mulch?

Mulch reduces evaporation of moisture from the soil, crucial for seed growth here in Louisiana. Moist surface result from irrigation or rainfall, mulch hold the moisture in the
surface allowing the seed to get maximum moisture. Typically, mulch materials contains water retaining capabilities which keeps the surface moist always.

In addition, mulch material offers erosion resistance. Therefore, holds the soil firmly and reduces the possibilities of seeds being washed away, enhancing the chances of establishing a more even lawn coverage. Further, reduction in soil erosion minimizes soil pollution of water body; a key factor towards environmental conservation.

Hydromulching has many applications including in home and business owners as well as in construction projects. Lately the process has been extensively used in golf course construction and reclamation of mining sites. Utility construction areas require grass after power lines and pipe lines construction. The need to maintain an eco-friendly environment has made hydromulching applications endless.

Real Estate Builders

Hydroseeding is often used in place of sod in a yard to cut cost in half. If a builder has several yards side by side then the money saved could even be more. Grass started to grow in 3 to 4 days and within weeks there is a full yard of grass. Some builders will want to cut cost even more by just spraying the front yards and leave the back yards alone. Making the curb appeal pay off and spend as little as possible is the way many builders go. Saving about a $1,000 per house can add up when building a subdivision.